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Filming Locations

Would you like to see the real life filming locations used for Somewhere in Time? We've put together a list of some of the most iconic sites to explore.

About the Movie

In 1980, Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour were cast as the leads in a romantic film called Somewhere in Time, which at the time flew under the radar. The movie follows the story of Richard Collier (Reeve) who is a playwright and has become captivated by a photo of an actress named Elise McKenna (Seymour).

The film is based on Richard Matheson’s 1975 book, Bid Time Return, and was mostly filmed on Mackinac Island. This now legendary film has a large cult following to this day, with fans who still visit the filming locations every summer.

We've put together a list of some of the best-known filming locations that you must visit while staying at Somewhere in Time Cottage.

A Collection of Somewhere in Time Filming Locations to Explore

Grand Hotel

The hotel is perhaps the most well-known filming location, featured as the backdrop in many scenes throughout the movie.

Windermere Point

As well as being a location where Richard and Elise spend time together, this is the location where Richard is seen staring at the Round Island Lighthouse after his abrupt return to the present.

The Tree

The tree is located at the end of the boardwalk along the water's edge, a short walk down from the Grand Hotel. There is a memorial plaque on a boulder at the site.

We Encourage You to Explore these Locations During Your Visit.

Grand Hotel Stables

A classic stop for many—this is where Richard ends up under a horse after being detained by William F. Robinson.

Windermere Point

The Gazebo was gifted to the people of Michigan by the film company behind Somewhere in Time. It is now tucked away east of the post office on the bluff.

Baxter's Coin Shop

Baxter's Coin Shop is located on Main Street. Although it is now a souvenir shop, the words "Baxter's" still appear on the window to remind everyone of the film.

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